Quintet Game Features
I'm not kidding about the multiplatform thing.
Mac, PC, Linux, iOS, Android and OUYA can all play together on the same ships and in the same missions. The Captain can be on an iPhone, with a Helm person on an OUYA with a Tactical officer on a Linux box with an Engineer on an Android tablet with a Science officer on a Mac.

No friends? No problem!
Quintet has one, two, three, four and five player ships. All the different ship types can all play together in the same scenarios. Quintet plays over the Internet so you can all play together even if you can't be in the same room.

Easy on your wallet
When you upgrade your account, it's upgraded on all of your devices! You do not need to keep paying for every device you own. You can also buy a pack of upgrades and share with your friends.

No Internet, no cry
Playing in offline mode or in LAN mode? You'll have access to everything (all scenarios and Trio ship too). I figured this was the good Indie game developer thing to do.

Several game types
Quintet features lots of different scenarios for co-op and pvp game play. Work together to fend off a massive armada or have a 20-ship free-for-all. Also included are beloved game types such as Capture the Flag and King of the Hill (my hill is a polyhedron).

Always Fresh
I love working on this game. I update Quintet all the time. I'm constantly adding new features and new scenarios. Got an idea? Post your idea in the forum.

Intuitive controls
I wanted non-gamers to be able to play Quintet. I've simplified and streamlined the interface so you can drag in more friends of yours to play.

Quintet features an in-game chat system. You can also voice chat as well (built-in). Additionally, you can hail (video) other ships!

Event Server (program/script your own special effects such as DMX and Philips HUElights etc.)
Quintet can send data to another computer. This is great for LAN parties where you could potentially set DMX based lights or play mp3 files or whatever you can think of. Check out the Quintet Event System

Download from Steam
(or direct download below)
iPad or iPhone
Download .apk for sideloading.

    Event Server, DMX & HUE
    Check out the instructions page